Can anybody help me for a story I'm writing?

So I'm writing a story, I know it sounds cliché, but I want a story that's totally different from the rest. The part I have is about 2 people stranded on a deserted island when they crashed with an airplane. Of course it's a boy and girl and they're about the same age. They fall in love etc...
I just need some help to make a real story, different from the rest. Pls help!

As a reward (if you want to), I'll send the finished story to the person whose idea I picked, so you can read it.


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  • Blue Lagoon?
    Yeah... sounds like it.
    Ummmm... isn't it the point of writing your own story to actually write it yourself? You can hardly call it yours if you use people's suggestions.

    • I said twice different, and my story won't be published because I'm not that good and I'm only 15. Nobody even wants my story.

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  • One begins to suffer from dementia, or one refuses to leave the island when they get the chance and gets left behind. Or have a third of the story be about the parents trying to survive, then the rest of the story is about their child, who was raised entirely on this island, and how he/she is rescued and adjusting to life off the island.


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  • Just an idea... One of them has a dark secret... he/she caused them to end up on that island to hide the evidence that would incriminatehim/ her... If they were on a plane or a ship... Someone had to die in order to keep the secret a secret? If they fall in love... will there be any secrets between them? Will he/she tell the secret? Interested!


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  • I like to write stories and poetry myself, so I'll help you out.

    You're going to need a couple things. Character growth, plot and direction.

    So it's about a boy and girl who got stranded on an island. What are their personalities like? What's their relationship? What does each of them want? Are the characters relatable? You're gonna want to start off by establishing who your characters are. At the beginning of the story, we want to get to know your characters and the situation they're in.

    I could blabber on and on, but that's a little bit of my advice for you.


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