How has this actor aged and is his drinking apparent?

This dude was in Dare Devil and though he is not famous, I was still blown away by how much he's aged in as little as 6 years.
Here He is in an episode of Doll House in 2009 at the age of 28

How has this actor aged and is his drinking apparent?
And here he is 6 years later at the age of 33

How has this actor aged and is his drinking apparent?

In every picture I can find of him, he's got a drink in his hand, and according to Bing Age Bot, they estimate he's in his mid-late 40's... again, he was 33 when this pic was taken.

Can drinking age you this much, how does he look to you?


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  • yeah he looks pretty hard and rough. would not think he's 33.

    heavy drinking can really age you. it depletes your body of vitamins and is very hard on the liver and kidneys

    • What do you personally mean by "hard and rough" like he'd "kick the shitoput of someone" or "he's bloated and much less attractive now"... just to clarify.

    • I might think twice about getting into an elevator with just us two... he's about 6'2 according to imdb, so he could probably knock my ass down.

  • He looks like a drinker.. He looks better in the above pic.

    • This is someones husband too, imagine being married to his above self and looking forward 6 years and see that he'd drank himself into 40 extra lbs and look 25 years older...

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    • He has a wife that he has sex with, and she has to look at that... I see that you're 17, may this a lesson in *not drinking* show your friends girl... warn them all.

    • I don't drink lol

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