Star Wars: The Old Republic or World Of Warcraft?

I'm getting my new gaming PC soon, now help me decide on a game. I'm completely divided on SWTOR and WOW.

Just vote and whichever one wins is the one I'm going to get.
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  • World Of Warcraft
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  • Out of the two, I would say WoW. Yes, it has issues. But if you can make enough gold, you can use that to buy WoW token game time, and not pay a subscription, so you'll have access to all content. They are also getting ready for the next expansion, Legion, which I am looking forward to.

    With SWTOR, I played that, but I played both free to play and the sub version. Sub perks are way better of course ($15 a month). It was alright, I really wanted to like it since I love Star Wars, but I can't get into it once I reached max level.

    This is a side option, but WildStar is going free to play September 29th. I wanted to like that one as well, but I didn't know any one. My sister is going to play it, so I'll give it another shot.

    • Money is really not an issue, I don't mind paying a subscription in fact I prefer it because it gives increased EXP.

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    • Thanks I just got WOW on Amazon, all the expansions and I'm going to sub.

    • Ah that's great! I hope you have a lot of fun. They have quite a bit of things to do. :)

      Thank you for MHO as well!

Most Helpful Guy

  • I know we talked about this in your other question. My understanding of SWTOR is that it's best played several times up until the end of the storyline as the different character types, and then the endgame isn't that great.

    WOW, meanwhile, has tons and tons of stuff to do and they are still adding to it. I played for a while but (like I said) didn't have time to really get into it.

    So I vote WOW.

    • Oh, I also have Guild Wars 2. It's pretty good.

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    • yeah he told me there is no healer class, each class sort of keeps themselves alive. I was like okay thanks for making up my mind lol.

    • WOW looks like a ton of fun and tons of stuff to do.

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  • Star wars!!


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  • SWTOR is supposedly pretty bland, although it has been more than a year since it came out.

    I wouldn't really get an mmorpg, they are pretty mindless. But maybe go for WoW, but that game is actually ages old. The engine is like 8 years old, just patched up.

  • WOW has a lot more end game content and better developed at that.

    SWTOR has a vastly more enjoyable leveling experience with well developed characters and defined story lines.

    Choose accordingly.

  • WoW has the biggest online community and its the original gameplay.

  • Star Wars, brother!


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