Are any of you a fan of the John Rambo films?

Are any of you a fan of the John Rambo films?

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  • No, those films are fucking stupid. Probably not as stupid as those Braddock (Missing In Action) films. Those films along with the second Rambo film are so propagandaesque, it's like "Hey, maybe if we make Vietnamese communists look super evil, they'll forget about all the atrocities we committed in the Vietnam war"

    • Yeah, except the first Rambo movie was nothing like that. It was just about a former Special Forces soldier who now becomes a drifter and gets treated like shit by corrupt sheriffs and displays his trauma that he's been through when he was a POW in Vietnam. Now, the 2nd movie, I'll admit was pretty dumb and fits your description.

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  • Yes I've seen all of them.
    The only one I don't like is the last one in Thailand.

  • Hell yes. I'm surprised the females don't like it... actually no I'm not.

    • You shouldn't be surprised. The Rambo movies (Although I didn't like the 2nd and 3rd movie) I guess are "too manly" for their taste.

    • Exactly my point lol.

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