GAGers: What is an instrument you would love to learn to play?

I would love to learn Guitar and Banjo.
and no Mayonnaise is not an insturment, sorry Patrick


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  • I would say the guitar and perhaps the piano. I mean I know a few songs on each but I'd like to properly learn not just memorise that if I push this followed by this then I get that beat kinda thing.


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  • I currently play clarinet/bass clarinet (well I know how to play it but don't anymore), drums, bass guitar, and guitar. My piano skills are pretty bad, so I'd have to say that the instrument I'd want to learn the most is piano. Next summer, I plan on getting a decent keyboard with saved money and whatnot to practice on.

    With piano, I could write songs easier, play a wider range of things by myself, and incorporate it in my current songs to add a new depth and layer of sound.


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