Will mobile video game apps take over home and handheld console gaming/core gaming?

I was just reading this article about the famous lengendary video game director, Hideo Kojima, who's leaving Konami for good since he has been highly disliking the direction that Konami is heading toward and is just fed up with it. People are just mentioning how video game companies these days can make more money through mobile phone games than with regular, full console games. I've heard that even Nintendo is now starting to head towards this direction, which I hope it isn't true.

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  • Mobile video game's primary flaw is the controls. Unless phones become capable of increasing control and comfort when holding them for gameplay, as well as making battery consumption more efficient while running such games, then mobile has no place to go. You can't play a FPS game or an RTS on a phone. At least well.

    • Imagine trying to play a fighting game on mobile phones. It's a pain in the ass with the shitty controls (I've once tried to play the SNES emulator on my smartphone for Mortal Kombat and it was fucking nightmare).

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  • I hope not, I really wanted p. t silent hill to be a game


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  • Whats holding back mobile gaming are batteries, a lot of phone nowadays have 8 cores so most would think that means those phones would be super fast but its actually 4 fast core and 4 slow cores. The 4 fast cores only work when you are gaming, if they worked all the time your battery wouldn't last 2 hours. Plus gpus used in pc gaming would make the battery last only like 15 minutes. So it won't happen anytime soon until we get some super good batteries.

  • I can see mobile gaming taking over console gaming in the future. As PC gaming continues to grow, the casual players will stick to consoles. As consoles die out, those casual gamers will move over to mobile devices.

  • Nope.
    The future will be things like Chrome Remote Desktop and PS4 Remote Play. For demanding tasks such as games, smartphones/tablets will be used essentially as just a screen, connected via a high speed internet connection, to a far more powerful console or PC back home (or perhaps the developer of a piece of software might force you to run it from *their* server, for which they will charge a monthly fee, which would be a good way to prevent piracy). All the complicated calculations are handled by the console/PC, which then streams video to the mobile device, which in turn sends back the player control inputs.

  • I dont think it will happen for a while but I think what you'll find is that as mobile phones and ta lets become more and more powerful and are capable of supporting the kind of graphics you see in consoles, the main console companies like Sony and Microsoft will just sell an app for tablets or phones that plays all of their games.

    You'll still play them on your big TV screen, likely a smart TV which may even have the app itself actually, in fact most likely will and you'll still have a wireless controller but you just won't have a big black box in front of it. You'll have your tablet, phone or nothing.

    They may or may not still sell hard copies of games on specially coded flash drives.

  • No, I dislike mobile video games, they can't compare to console or Pc games.


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