Looking for artistic people who can visualise my feelings?

o I'm having a difficult time with this girl and I feel like there is some kind of meatgrinder in my chest! I don't know why but I keep visualizing it, when I imagine it it looks like shattered earth/mirror on the surface of my chest with a view at my heart wich is infected by some kind of void and is leaking a smoke like liquid (black). I know this might sound weird and all but I kind off want to bring this image to life, I'm a person. with a huge imagination I have tons of ideas I could fill millions of kmĀ² with original art, but here is the tricky part in not good at drawing nor at painting do I wondered if u guys could turn this into a design. I'm planning on using it as bodyart on myself for a couple of nice pics wich would then be printed on a canvas for decoration and stuff. I might even get it tattoed if its a good design. If anyone is interested or knows someone who is just let me known it would mean a lot to me! If u have read all the way down uhere then I should already thank you.


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  • Sorry, I'm not very artistic but hopefully someone else can help you


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