Girls, What is there to know about Gossip Girl? (My crush loves the show?

So yeah my crush loves the show, her social media names have xoxo on em which probably has something to do with the show? Anyways what's the gist and important stuff? Im kinda leaning on watching it. She told me to watch friends and I did and I actually really enjoyed it (Got obsssed ). I'm a guy but I kinda like really cute, romantic stuff (is that bad), I love reg. Guy things too. Lol is this too much for a crush? Cause honesltly based on how she acts and how I know I really am inside we think the same lol. Its just I hide it cause I gotta be a guy out here lol


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  • A bunch of spoiled rich kids sleep with each other and are filled with angsty drama. I actually kind of enjoyed the first two seasons but after that it just starts to get ridiculous. Give it a shot if you think you might enjoy it. It can be a fun guilty pleasure.


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  • Watch it, basically the show is about Gossip girl who has a website and texts with alerts of who is up to what... it is quite good. Its all focused on who is Gossip Girl?

    Yes they are sleeping together etc. Mainly starts where one girl is with a guy and another returns after disappearing and there is a big question as to where they went... it all makes a lot of sense though and I know plenty of groups of people who end up the same way...

    Its on Netflix and even my macho boyfriend didn't mind me watching it when he was streaming the football, he usually hates me watching crap like that but he didn't mind this and started to watch it instead of the game :)

  • I watched only a few episodes because I liked the fashion/style of the main characters.

    I didn't like it.
    They kept sleeping with each other.
    As in alternating partners.


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