Which of these RP games is the best for non-subscribers (free2play players and former subscribers)?

  • Star Wars: The Old Republic
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  • DC Universe Online
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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Dungeons and Dragons
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  • Guild Wars 2
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  • Other (suggestions/comments)
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  • I don't know/I don't play that video game genre.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • the old republic has a very bad free to play model. It's quite frustrating from what I'm told, so i wouldn't go with that one

    • I've played it, I'm a F2P player at the moment, thinking about changing to preferred status.
      I'm also a premium player in DCUO, and a former WoW subscriber.

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    • That's why I made this question. I want to find the one that really cares about their former subscribers.

    • I'm really good at DCUO.

Most Helpful Girl

  • I played WoW for years and it's fun but I only pvp'd in it. Sometimes you can catch WoW on sale but I think it still has a monthly fee, doesn't it?

    GW2 is also fun but you have to buy the expansions/game and you need to purchase a good amount of things from the cashshop.

    I haven't tried any of the other ones you listed. GW2 is my favorite out of those though.

    I'm pretty sure that Rift is completely free to play though and it's pretty fun as well.

    I'm playing FFXIV at the moment, the graphics are amazing the bundle to get started is like $60 and there's a monthly fee of $12 I think it is.

    • Also ArcheAge is a blast and I think it's free to play now, not sure if you have to buy the game first though but it's probably one of my favorite MMOs, I thought about playing it again.

    • I used to be a WoW subscriber, I stopped playing when I saw they do nothing for their former subscribers, unlike other games.

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  • Wait is DDO (D&D online) Even running anymore? I thought they scrapped it when Neverwinter came out.

  • Guild wars 1 is so fucking good.

    • What about the sequel?

    • The sequel is just not the same. Maybe I'm just nostalgic or something but playing through the original just feels so balanced and amazing. But the community that plays are all old school. Everyone is really good now because the game is pretty old.

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