Is anyone looking forward to the RWC (Rugby World Cup) or am I the only one?

if you are, what country you representing?
  • Fucking England
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  • The Bloody French
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  • Springboks
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  • All blacks
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  • Wallabies
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  • The Yanks
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  • The Argentines
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I am. Don't follow Rugby all year round but I love big sporting events. Especially when England are involved. Always good atmosphere in the pubs. I prefer football though but they always do crap at the World Cup. So hopfully the Rugby team will do better.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I am looking forward to it. In 2011 it was in my city. I am an ALL Blacks supporter.

    • ahh yes mate, predictions for the final?

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    • very one sided mate hahaha but the kiwi line up is bloody solid, you annihilated the wallabies in the bledisloe cup. But The English are ones to watch aswell

    • Oh yes. I just made a guess. The truth is we have no idea who will be in the final.

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  • I'm not the biggest rugby fan, but I'm Springboks all the way!


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