Have you ever seen or heard of Red Vs Blue?

if so, what is your favourite episode?
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  • I've heard of it and watched some of their other videos but it's not really my thing.


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  • haven't caught up with it in a long time :/ is it all CG now? are they still hows sarge, simmins and griff doing? red team all the way!

    • lol, red team is still 4 men and 1 robot strong

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    • okay, seeya later mate. have a good sleep

    • oh mate, i just re-watched everything. man some stuff is screwed up in that

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  • The introduction of Grifball was probably my favorite. That and the fact it became entwined as a playlist all on its own. Strictly speaking, the first and last episode of s1 were my favorite.

    • have you seen all of season 13 yet

    • Not yet, I'm still like halfway through season 11. College soaks up too much time sadly.

    • the final episode of season 13 is annoying, they just had to have the biggest cliffhanger ever. season 14 is so gonna be worth watching. i would spoil it, but nah

  • Huge fan of Halo but ehhh, I never really got into it. Kinda funny, mostly corny in my opinion...

    • i mostly watch it for the humor quality in it. if you liked it, try watch the newer seasons (6-13) because they have the better story and they are a bit funnier

  • Well yes. It over-ran hardcore though. Then they tried to give it a serious story, and... Yeah, it fell apart. Outside the original 100 episodes I've pretty much stayed clear.

    • lol, i watch it still because of the humor in it. it's story is a bit dodgy but it is still good to watch

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    • I put the first two series on disc years ago. I feel like watching them now! xD

    • do it, re watch everything. and try to watch the new seasons, they are so worth it

  • I answered yes, I thought it was about Pokémon. I'm old. Excuse me. :P

    • lol, no problem. it is Halo based. not many people know about it

  • I've never really gotten into halo so I've never found it that funny

    • have you watched many episodes?

    • Like 2 or 3. I even watched an episode with better animation

    • well, so you're just not into it. a lot of people don't find it funny. at least you've seen some of it

  • The only red vs blue I know is bloods vs crips


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