Can I get opinions on this song cover?

Sorry if it's a bit quiet


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  • Turn down the music in the beginning - it's difficult to hear you.
    You do realize that's not an Ellie song right? xD
    Your voice sounds like it's shaking - a lot - try controlling that because it sounds like you're afraid.
    Practice and you'll get a lot better. Do vocal warm ups and exercises every day. Try pushing yourself to build more range.

    • It says in the description that it isn't an Ellie Goulding song. Also, it is a rendition of Your Song in the STYLE OF Ellie Goulding. I'm not fucking stupid.
      Lol Okay thanks

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    • The title you mean.

    • No one is going to Youtube, little foul mouthed lady... They listen to it on this site.

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