I keep having this Nightmare that KANYE WEST keeps coming on stage to take away my music award to give it to Beyonce. What does this mean?

  • A phobia about Kanye West
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  • You dream of being Taylor Swift
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  • Kayne West is an asshole
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  • it means Taylor Swift needs to stop creating boy accounts on GaG and get on with her life 😂😂😂


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What Girls Said 2

  • LOL! I voted B for sh*ts and giggles :)

    I don't think Kanye West is an asshole. I find it so fascinating how a nation remained outraged for YEARS because from adult to another: one black man made a truthful statement about a grown, rich white woman. Yet a video this summer went viral about a grown white man assaulting a 14 year old black girl in a bikini and most of the nation stayed mute. Hmmmm...

    For those who think Kanye West is an asshole over that incident...
    Taylor Swift is fine. Stop acting like she's a victim. She was a grown, rich woman not a fragile little girl when that happened. Plus, Kanye was telling the truth. She did not deserve that award with her whiny, obsessive love songs. -_- Either Justin Timberlake or Beyoncé did. Beyoncé for the extreme athleticism and creativity she showed in her videos along with her outstanding vocals. Or Justin Timberlake for being so iconic, busting his a** on that album, and dancing his butt off. Not Taylor Swift's whiny, repetitive, predictable azz music. -_- I found it interesting how Kanye said he saw Justin Timberlake drop some tears when Taylor's boring azz won that award and that's when he decided to go on stage.

    Taylor Swift didn't deserve that award. She sucks lol

    • I wonder what people would have thought if vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin would have stormed the stage at Barrack Obamas inauguration claiming John "the maverick" McCain should have won. Not that im a fan of Taylor but she sells records and Kanye should have had manners.

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    • You didn't outright mention race but what else is the significance of you using Barrack Obama, a black man, and Sarah Palin, a white woman, as examples? -_- Was it really irony or were you playing coy?

    • @Asker If you think the term athleticism is strictly defined by running or throwing a javelin then you are small minded. Dance takes athletic ability. You have to have stamina, strength, and developed skill in order to perform a dance the way BeyoncĂ© and Justin Timberlake did at that performance.

      Taylor Swift should not have won that award because she's boring, predictable, and didn't physically work as hard as Justin Timberlake or Beyoncé when it came to performing. Her music is boring as hell. Kanye interrupting her acceptance was rude but he was right: Other legendary artists deserved that award more than her ex boyfriend-obsessed azz.

  • A fear of a black man taking what is rightfully yours without asking? Do you perhaps live in a rough crime ridden neighbourhood.


What Guys Said 4

  • It means you will develop a crippling fear of sea urchins and Ellen DeGeneres, and eventually die by snorting marijuana.

    RIP, Becky.

  • Kanye West is a narcissistic dickhead. That's what it means.

  • Vote D- all of the above!

  • You have Yeezus phobia my friend.

    You must wear a pair of Yeezys and say "Kanye is god" in the mirror for at least seven days.

    Then for three days you have to run in the streets and say "Bush hates black people."

    Then maybe Yeezus will bless you with immunity.



    • I fairn I dont think Bush hated Black people he just didn't care.

    • Would have given you the MHO but @BertMacklinFBI has won my affection.

    • His was funny. I liked it.

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