Is Offline/Splitscreen multiplayer dying these days in video gaming?

Back then, there used to be a lot of offline multiplayer games that are so fun to play with someone in person. Nowadays with the PS4 and Xbox One, you'll rarely ever find a great game that has a offline/splitscreen multiplayer because game companies seems to be more focused strictly on online multiplayer so they can use that as an excuse to make even more money by making them strictly online so they can force customers to buy more consoles and copies. Even Halo isn't splitscreen anymore with Halo 5's big disappointment of removing offline multiplayer for better FPS rate.

It's like, what's the point of the PS4/Xbox One even having the feature to have 4 player controller wireless ports if they'll hardly ever have any offline games for their consoles that allows 4 players.
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  • I'm actually pretty excited for black ops 3 because you're actually able to use two monitors for co op on PC so I can finally invite some friends over for pizza, orgy and some gaming fun

    • As much as I don't care for Call of Duty anymore, even they still have offline/splitscreen multiplayer while Halo doesn't, which is sad since I'm usually a bigger Halo fan than a COD fan.

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    • Sorry, accidental downvote... Can't seem to change it either. :/

    • Lol I haven't played a CoD game since MW2 the only reason it's worth getting in my opinion on PC is of the Two monitor split screen I can play on my desk and my friends on the tv I have but if Halo MCC that's going to come to PC comes out as the same time as CoD BO 3 I'd get Halo instead but if I was on console it's not worth shit lol

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  • It's hard to find modern games where you can couch co-op.

  • Yeah I've noticed that

  • earthlings don't want to leave the house any more.

  • It shouldn't be, but sadly it is


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