Am I the only one who agrees with nicole arbour?

People have the right to have an opinion and no one has the right to try and censor someone simply because they are offended. Nicole Arbour did nothing wrong in mho.


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  • i agree. people get offended over everything.


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  • I agreed with her video, and like you said, people have a right to have an opinion, people will like it or not, but that's not her problem.

  • Who is Nicole Arbour?

  • You're probably a shitty person. lol.

    • So people are not allowed to talk about certain things?

    • I didn't say you weren't allowed to talk about what you believe. Of course, you are allowed to talk about it... But the fact you believe that bullshit means you're probably a dick. lol.

      Like if I believed white people were the superior race, I could walk around telling people that I thought only whites should marry so as to keep the bloodlines pure or some such bullshit... But I'd still be a shit person. Because I would be a racist piece of trash.

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