Bohemian Rhapsody cover, Kanye West vs Adam Lambert. Who sang it better?

I just saw a question on here from 5 days ago about a cover Panic ! at the Disco did of Queens Bohemian Rhapsody and the asker wanted to know if people liked it or not. It was a poll question and one of the options was "no, I like Kayne's version better". I saw that and thought "Kanye West covered a Queen song?". So, I looked it up and I found a video on YouTube that said "Kanye West vs Adam Lambert singing Bohemian Rhapsody". I watched it and I came to a conclusion, Kayne can't sing (he is a rapper after all and they talk more then then actually sing) . Adams version was great, at least I think so.
Queen, actually asked him to join the band but he declined because he said no one can replace Freddie Mercury. But, I digress.

Anywhoville, who do you think sang it better Kayne or Adam?


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  • Lmao at Kanye singing, that was just sad


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  • Adam Lambert for sure. He's a great singer. Kanye's just letting the crowd sing it, because he can't. 🙊


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  • Definitely Adam Lambert. He can really sustain those notes. Kanye gave up lol.


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