Why do you watch?

What are your reasons to watch a movie? And which kinds of movies especially you prefer to watch?
I love to watch qualified movies; indeed, there isn't any movie which is in Imdb top 750 that I haven't watched. I don't mind which type if movie are these; I just like to watch nice movies. And I love to watch all movies of some great actors like Johnny Deep, Mel Gibson, Clint Eastwood, Liam Neelson or Ryan Gosling; lost can be very long. I guess I have watched all movies of these actors. They progress my point of view towards to life, they change my angle and besides these, I really enjoy the watch these "classics" like I love to read classic novels ;)
What are your criterias to watch a movie? :)


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  • I enjoy almost all genres of movies, but the plot has to interest me. Having an actor (or actors) I like helps. I do like some classics, but I also like some new original stories. Same with documentary films, I have to be interested in the subject matter and if the narrator is good or someone I know, that helps me like it more.

    I know trailers can sometimes be misleading, but if the trailer has some interesting moments, it'll make me interested in seeing the film. Also having the movie screen at film festivals is cool to me and piques my interest.

    • It is so nice of you; it means you are a cinema lover like me ;) I do agree with you plot is important but actors affect it sometimes alson :)
      I never believe in trailers :))))) They can be captious so we may be disappointed while watching :)

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    • Yw ^_^ Ty for the parcitipation also

    • My pleasure. :)

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  • When I decide to watch a movie, it's either because I want to get scared (horror)
    or I want to "feel" (deep/sad/intense drama).

    Last movie I watched was "Absentia"

    Not sure if you know it. ^.^

    • You don't like war, history or action movies :D My latest favourite action movie is Mad Max and last horror one is Conjuring ;) I know that one u mentioned, I suggest you watch the conjuring or orphan ;) Vera farmiga :D i love her...

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    • I'll be sure to check it out when I've got time.

      To simplify it all, I just prefer movies
      that somehow leaves a mark/lasting impression, yeah? ^.^

    • Exactly ^_^ Movies live with goals they give in scenes and their qualified ends...

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