You Want To Know Some Fairytale Facts?

This is according to my grandmother and i dont even know whether this is true or not, probably yes sometime but still no 100% guarantee.
1. When your eyelashes fall on your right eyes, something good will happen or someone missing you. If it fall on your left eyes someone is talking bad about you.
2. When you can't sleep at night, it because you are in someone dreams.
3. When someone miss you, they will appear in your dream.
4. If you suddenly bite your lips, someone is backbite you.
5. Dont look at mirror often in a long time you will loose your shine in your face.(means like you looking at mirror not for doing something)
6. If you suddenly got pimple, it means that someone fall in love with you.
7. If a butterfly perch on you, someone will purpose you, or you going to marry
8. If someone suddenly came across your mind, it because they are thinking about you first

#This is just for fun, dont take it seriously. This is what old people used to believe in their old day to know about something that maybe dont work anymore in this modern day. Please give your opinion or maybe which on the list above that happen to you and is it true?


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  • i remember hearing some of these. very cute ways of seeing the world. now so many people r too much of a realist to just let the imagination run a little wild.


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