Do you find it funny how all the people who've jumped on the Floyd Mayweather hate bandwagon, bash him for "running" and "hugging" yet?

these same people never had anything negative to say about Muhammad Ali when he did almost the same (the "hugging") when he fought George Foreman (except Ali was able to KO Foreman after gassing him out)?

As boring as Mayweather is to watch, I do find it irritating how all of the self-proclaimed "boxing experts" have absolutely nothing positive to say about Mayweather as a boxer. They even bring up his personal life problems (domestic violence) to justify their bias towards Mayweather as a boxer.

I'm not even Mayweather fan to the slightest bit but at least I can still acknowledge that he has superb technical defense skills, unlike the self-proclaimed "experts", who most likely have never stepped inside a boxing ring before.

This is not to take anything away from the great Muhammad Ali but just saying that he's did similar things in the ring and no one had a negative thing to say to him about it.
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  • Yeah, it's funny


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  • there's no such thing as a boxing expert who ever set foot inside of a ring. the so called experts are there to blab about what they think they know. *not a mayweather fan*
    just someone who's tired of paid jerk offs blabbing what they don't know. most of them seem to reside on espn.

    • So the UFC is better yet, the top stars of the UFC and Dana White are heavily relying on Mayweather's name and status just recently to gain more media attention and popularity boost.

    • Sorry, wrong comment. It was for the other guy. lol. Don't read it if you don't want to.

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  • I appreciate Floyd Mayweather, truly an elite, once in a lifetime fighter and athlete.

    You gotta understand man, that success breeds hatred. To be honest, Muhammad Ali had a lot of haters in his prime and so did Tyson. The only reason it's not known is largely due to lack of technology. Someone like Ali would received a TREMENDOUS amount of social backlash in today's media for simply being muslim and anti-war.

    Secondly, anybody that calls what Mayweather's does as "running" has no real idea or done any combat sports ever. When Anderson Silva was champion in the UFC he wasn't "running", he full blown out counter punching and knocking and submitting dudes left and right and you STILL had many people who wished to see him lose.

    When it comes to boxing, Floyd Mayweather is a true MASTER of the art. Ten years down the line you'll start to see how people will appreciate the fact that they were able to witness one of the greatest to ever do it.

    P. S. I'm not a Mayweather fan by the way, I just call it how I see it.

    • the difference for me between boxing and ufc (and silva and mayweather) is that in boxing, if you backup and hug, they separate you, which kills the aggressor's momentum. you can pretty much stop any momentum the opponent has without really doing anything. in silva's case, he can't hug in the sense of completely killing the opponent's momentum because he goes into grappling, takedown mode or being exposed to elbows and knees. silva, as much as he is a clown, he actually is very well rounded. floyd doesn't really have any knockout ability. that's personally where i draw the difference. that's obviously up for debate.

  • that's part of the reason why ufc is better. you actually get penalized for running away. also, i'm no boxing expert (or fan for that matter), but i'm pretty sure ali let you punch yourself out in the beginning. he would then beat up on you in the later rounds. floyd just runs and hugs. also, the sheer punching power between lightweight and heavyweight is not even comparable. being punched by a 140lb man, no matter how hard is not the same as getting socked by a dude 200+

    • So the UFC is better yet, the top stars of the UFC and Dana White are heavily relying on Mayweather's name and status just recently to gain more media attention and popularity boost.

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    • Not really. MMA (or just the UFC organization alone) maybe slightly more popular in the US (since the US right now has very few boxers in most weight divisions that are world class-level) but boxing still dominates worldwide.

    • i wouldn't doubt that in some parts of the world. but i do think the trend is shifting towards ufc pretty rapidly. for 1, it doesn't have 4 different leagues with 15-20 different weight classes. ufc is the de facto premier league in mma. and the problem boxing has is that it's really specific. by that, i mean that there's very minimal weight leeway between weight classes so if someone is 1 or 2lbs over or under weight, someone is gonna bitch about it. i forgot who i was watching (maybe mir vs lesner) and 1 was about 230/245 and the other was 260-265. there are other factors as well. it also doesn't help the sport when iron mike thinks that the mma is a lot better than boxing.

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