How do you use Instagram?

"A friend of mine" that's definitely not me wants to know how to use Instagram. He's not made one till now after many people have bugged him into making one.

What are the basics if you will?
Thank you kindly!


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  • You just download and sign up.
    Don't get caught up in getting followers.

    Just share your pics and look at others' and have fun.

    I liked pics that are well edited but not so much that all I see is brightness and my eyes start to hurt.


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  • Step one: don't install it
    Step two: there is no step two

    • My friend asked: why?

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    • What if he is a photographer? Who's work is sometimes praised?

    • I feel a Facebook page would help more with that because he can share his page to the local newspaper but you can try both

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