Who will win UEFA Champions League?

Which team do you support? & Who will win UEFA CL?

Who will win UEFA Champions League?

  • Bayern Munich/Barcelona/Real Madrid
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  • Atletico Madrid/PSG/Juventus/Arsenal/Manchester City
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  • Chelsea/Roma/Porto/Wolfburg/PSV/Manchester United/Leverkusen/...
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  • .../Benfica/Galatasaray/Sevilla/CSKA Moscow/Zenit/... remaining teams
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  • Both Milans/Liverpool/Ajax/Dortmund... oh wait, they're nowhere! They'll rock next time!
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  • FUCK UEFA CL! Other FAs' CLs are way better. Their champions can crush any of these UEFA teams!
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  • I don't give a fuck about Champions league.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Doesn't either Bercelona or Real Madrid usually win these days?

    I wonder what the betting odds on it are at the moment. I never bet on anything but it's interesting to see the odds because the bookies are right more often than everyone else. Not always but more often.

    I'm going to take an early crack at picking the winner and tip Real Madrid to win.

    I like Barcelona more but whoever I'm going for often loses so that's why I'm tipping Real Madrid.
    I've got a pretty good record for my team winning if I'm actually at the stadium but I'm not going to the champions league final.

    • I'd add Bayern. These 3. Other than these I don't see anyone winning.

    • Yeah, me neither. Which is a shame but at least the quarters and semis should be good games.

    • Wait is long! I hope some teams like Atletico, Arsenal, Juventus, City spice up this competition.

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  • Cmon CL just started yesterday. Too early too tell but the winner is more likely the usual heavyweights

    • I know. I just asked for time pass.

  • Hard to say since it is still too early
    So far , juventus looks convincing

    • They were great last season

  • Would really like bayern to win👌


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