I don't play many games often, should I go buy a PS4 only just for a select few games alongside my PC?

So I'm starting University next year, thinking of getting a PS4 just for casual play to run alongside my aging PC, I don't play a whole lot of games but I don't have enough money to keep upgrading my PC every now and again either.

What does everyone think?


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  • Honestly I would hold off buying any game console and test any games you want to try on your pc with emulators of the consoles thought they don't have an emulator for the ps3 or ps4


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  • Just go grab a cheapy refurbished PS4 from BestBuy or whatever.
    No reason to buy new tbh.

    • I found a listing for £150 coming with Destiny, Bloodbourne and Last of Us. I'm not a massive gamer so I'm probably just going to use it for a media center, but grab a few exclusives if I can't get them on PC.

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  • Lol dude you don't have to upgrade everytime just get a gtx970 and you're set for two console generations since these new consoles can't even handle 1080p so I doubt that this gen would last more than 5yrs lol xD


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