Ever had this type of awkward moment?

The title says it all. So ever had that awkward moment where you're trying to be funny and the person you're with just tells you, "you're not funny" or "stop"? I've had it MANY times. Mainly when I have nothing to say and am just trying to kill time by maybe blurting out something funny. Like with this friend of mine, while we were playing video games, I was bored, so I just started talking gibberish in a really weird voice, trying to be funny. And then all I get from her is a, "can you please like stop?". And then I feel like a piece of crap for a couple of seconds (because I was trying to be funny but just came up as idiotic and annoying) and just say "ok" and then there's a REALLY awkward silence. So can anyone else relate?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Yes, don't worry, it's fine.
    Many have been there.
    You try to break the ice with what you think is a classic one liner to make people laugh, but all you hear is the crickets or passing tumbleweed. Story of half my life as the awkward one at parties... It's momentarily awkward though, people get over it.

    • Same here. You try to be funny, but then according to everyone around you, you just came off as annoying. But I dunno what they want me to do. When I'm quiet I don't get to interact and they ask why I'm so quiet. And when I collaborate and talk I just come off as annoying and obnoxious in the end.

    • It's nothing to worry about or feel abnormal over, many people have these moments. I've been the giver and the receiver of awkward moments. It doesn't make you any less of a person but they may see it as you being fake if you're not usually like this so why attempt? I'd say don't worry about what they think of you as it seems like you're doing this to obtain social acceptance for everyone to like you. If you're not naturally funny, that's OK it's not everyone's niche. If you're quiet, that's OK too as many people value those who only speak when there's something really important to say over the chatterbox that babbles on about everything. And if you dislike being quiet and want to change to step out to be more funny, that's OK as well.. It will take more practice but it's obtainable. Don't change just because other people don't like it/based on their reactions, you can't please everyone. Change only when it feels right to you.

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What Guys Said 3

  • Sorry but no I'm always funny even if I don't try. But I feel for you cause I have a friend that does that and I have to tell him to shut up cause he's freaking annoying. Try being funnier next time.

    • This type pf answer just feels so awkward for this question... you're being honest but still... I just expected everybody to say yes. I thought it was just another small part of life.

    • It is part of life. I just know what to say and what not to do in those awkward situations. If you just try anything to be funny then it's not going to work all the time. But you seem like a smart girl so you will be fine.

  • Nah if they say stop, or anything else... its go time to fuck with them... I wreck their day the key to being funny is not giving a fuck because that way you can say practically anything you want:)

  • You sound like such a qt3.14


What Girls Said 1

  • Yes, thats happened to me.
    My teacher last year was giving that "im waiting" face and he said something funny, so i tried to continue the joke and say something like "so y'all need to hush" but it wasn't in a rude way. it was really obvious i was joking. Then this popular girl went "who do you think you're talking to?" and she took it all seriously and this other girl laughed. i honestly wanted to say "sorry your highness"


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