What do you get out of today's music? What do you get from the music from the past? Is there a difference?


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  • New music brought me death and black metal. 99% of new music I listen to is metal, and it touches my heart in a way that no other music has. But for the most part, the new music that I encounter is generally poorly written, tasteless, and unoriginal. I have a hard time calling it music. It's what Mcdonalds is to fine dining.

    Old music tends to be more personal, before it became a business empire. Music used to be more evolved, but that is risky in terms of marketability, so they sacrificed musicality to appeal to a larger audience. It really takes away from what I think music should be.

    I'm not saying we don't have great talent and music now, just not the music this decade will be known for. I won't miss it.

    I always wonder what the great composers would have thought about black and death metal.

    • Very well put, I think. Not only do I agree with you, it is very much the truth. Rarely do I encounter a newer song that truly moves me. Instead, most of it is mind control substance for desperate people to fit in. Worse than that, it seems that few people are even aware of that. They'd rather be boiled in oil than to not fit in. I long for thought/feeling provoked material.

      Metal has a place in my heart too, as well as most other geners. Each type of music does something the others don't do. Thanks for your poignant response.

  • Bleeding ears


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