Can u Write things ( about me ) pretending to be me?

That's based on @missnowhere question and I thought of doing it lol yes I an stealer missnowhere 😛


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  • Hey my name is Omar, I live in Egypt, I'm 18 and I have the cutest puppy in the world and SUPERNATURAL IS LOVEEE AND LIFEEE and I really like to compliment the shit out of people, I also like going to the gym and cooking and I have a crush on MissNowhere, oh and I also love watching 2 girls 1 cup!!!


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  • Hello I am Egyptian boy from Egypt of course oh my profile pic is Heath Ledger as joker yes very good actor very big shame he died oh no I'm sorta sarcastic but then not maybe sometimes but other tim. I like long walks on the beach and am secretly gay. Thank you.


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