Be honest, are my measurements too much for the theatre?

I'm 19 and an aspiring musical theatre actress. But I'm worried that no director will want to cast me in anything because I'm 5'6 with these measurements:

Bust: 38inches
Waist: 24 inches
Hips: 38 inches

I'm curvy, but I keep losing roles to girls who are either skinny or fat (I honestly couldn't think of a nicer way to put it) and I'm always instead cast in either comedic roles! What should I do?


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  • Those seem like nice measurements but why would that be a comedic role? Your only 19 so your body will change still but depends if you want to gain or lose weight for a certain role

    • I'm also blonde, so that may be a reason.

    • Well at least you can change your hair color pretty easily

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  • Get to know yourself better. If you were a director, and your best friend that just so happens to look and sound like you came to you for a role, which role would you put them in?
    Find your unique points, embrace them, then search for their proper market.
    Or a good experienced coach might come in handy to give you a good start.


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  • I would say, make sure you understand who you're auditioning for. As in the casting director and try to see eye to eye with them. Try to see who they want in their play.

    Do your research on the show but also on who you're meeting and might possibly work with.

    How you dress may impact their decision. Of course dress appropriately.
    Be yourself, make sure they know who you are and make them want to work with you.
    You may find you want to apologize but do not, try to be confident and remain professional.

    Also what kind of shows are you auditioning for?

    • And yes, like someone else mentioned, be memorable. Try to stand out but don't make it seem like you're desperate.
      A friend of mine who is an actor told me he finds it useful to call up the director and see if they've considered your part or just call as a check up on things. It's shows you're eager and seriously about their play.

      Did any of this help btw?

  • Honestly, I think major curves can only help you in theatre. There are plenty of parts for girls with great boobs and an hourglass figure!

  • The easiest way to get ahead in acting is to be memorable, to not look like anyone else, not the be the best looking person. Stars are brands, like detergent, they are not the most attractive people.


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  • Your measurements sound excellent.
    Your inability to get roles most probably has nothing to do with your measurements.

    Either there's too much nepotism in the industry (as it does everywhere) or you don't have what it takes (the necessary talent or charisma or both).

  • They are perfect!


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