Should Scarlett Moffatt from 'Gogglebox' be a comedian?

I just find her absolutely hilarious. Her northern accent just makes everything she says, that much more hilarious. Her mum and dad too, are pretty funny. The rich and posh people from Sandwich, are surprisingly comical as well. The funny people should have their own separate show.
  • Tf is a gogglebox? Is that a kind of cheeseburger? (For americans and non-british)
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  • Scarlett is hilarious, I agree.
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  • Nah, someone else is funnier.
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  • I don't even like/watch gogglebox
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Most Helpful Girl

  • She's amazing <3 The rich and posh ones are Steph and Dom, I think. They're hilarious too, they get way too drunk. I like all of the families though.

    • Yeah, all the families are quite funny. It's the first show on TV that's had me struggling to hold in laughter since Harry Hill.

Most Helpful Guy

  • I love her - she's awesome! I'm guessing with something like that though, they only show the funniest two or three minutes from many, many hours of filming. Plus a lot of her comedy is unintentional.
    I agree the that posh drunk couple are the real standouts though. And Silent Jay, but he's not in it any more because his girlfriend dumped him. And Alex, just because she's hot.
    Don't really like any of the new lot they've brought in.


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  • scarlett is hilarious!


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  • Not British, never seen Googlebox


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