Can you give me some suggestions for some visually stunning movies?

I love movies like "What Dreams May Come," or "The Fall," or even "Mad Max: Fury Road," where the visuals, graphics, or natural locations are absolutely stunning. Can you suggest more movies that are beautiful either because of the glorious locations/sets or because of the created visuals.


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  • Pretty much any film shot in Iceland is stunning, films like Oblivion, Interstellar, and Prometheus have shots in Iceland.

    Ex Machina is another great example, the cinematography is the best aspect of that film, the location shots in particular are gorgeous.

    For something a bit different you could check out The Book of Eli, post apocalyptic film with some very great visuals but very dreary but in a cinematic way that makes it beautiful.

    Inception's a good one too, most of the film takes place in dreams so the visuals get very interesting and creative.

    • hmm, I guess I'm pretty caught up on visually stunning movies, because there has only been one suggestion thus far that I haven't already seen.

    • Oh these are just the ones I can think of at the moment. There's a plethora of films with visually stunning imagery.
      There's Ink, an independent film that has a unique visual style. The director also did a similar film called The Frame that's just as great.
      Gallowwalkers is another good one, a supernatural western filmed in Namibia, has some stunning desert footage.
      A more classic film is Lawrence of Arabia, great film overall.
      I forgot to add Blade Runner to the original post, if you haven't seen it and love cyberpunk visuals that's a great one.
      I'm sure I've seen something that you haven't watched, if it wasn't already obvious I'm a serious film nerd.

    • Film nerds are the best! I've seen Blade Runner, and parts, at least, of LOA, but the others I've never heard of, so I'll be checking those out. Thanks!

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  • Guardians of The Galaxy
    The way they portray Space is amazing.


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  • I thought that Pacific Rim was gorgeous, but that's just me. Each character tended to have a colour for symbolism and often their scenes were in those tones, and when characters mingled the colours either got warmer or colder to match them. Once that was pointed out to me, I thought it was lovely and a very subtle and clever way to make the movie beautiful.

    • Years ago I heard an effects artist talking about this, something I'd never really I suppose consciously noticed before on film, but ever since its something I take note of especially when its done in a more overt fashion. I've seen this one before though.

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