Girls, So I tried something different and wrote a rap or r&b style song and need opinions. It was just a project so don't take it too seriously?

You're rockin my world baby,

You've given me the best time,

And I'll never forget it,

Each and ever day I need you,

Can't be without you,

Yeah, gonna wear ya on my sleeve,

Everyone will know you're my girl,

And every other bitch can step back,

Cause all I need is you,

Girl Ima show ya what it's like,

Baby, baby

I don't wanna sing you you the same song,

I wanna write you a story,

Happily ever after, not a thing wrong,

All that cute shit, yeah the stuff you like,

None of that sex talk, it ain't about that at all,

This ain't about me, its all about you,

Baby, yeah baby,

You take my breath away,

I'm loyal, I ain't cheating,

Give me your heart, I want to get it pumping,

Show you what it's like,

No time for questions,

Kissing me so sweet,

Layin back, you in my arms,

Your irresistible, never gonna do ya no harm


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  • Mmm, I think it's just me, but I can't rap for shit and I make it sound like shit lol
    I bet you can make it sound better, but word for word, it's sweet.


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