Gamers: Do you think Sonic will be great again?

Sonic has been a huge part of most gamers' childhoods, especially those who were born in the 80's and early 90's. Many gamers say that Sonic hasn't had a good game in years with the exceptions of Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations, and that Sonic may never have a good game again. Others say that Sega will one day get their shit together and actually start producing great quality Sonic games on a consistent basis. What do you think? Will Sonic one day be great again, or will Sonic eventually die? Will Sega one day return to its place among the other AAA gaming companies, or will it eventually go bankrupt?

(When I say "Sonic", I don't mean just the character, I'm referring to the franchise as a whole)

I think this video perfectly explains why Sega keeps digging themselves in a hole, and why Sonic's return to glory is very unlikely.
  • Yes I think Sonic and Sega will be great again, it's only a matter of time.
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  • No I don't think Sonic nor Sega will be great again, I'm surprised they're still around.
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  • I am conflicted about the matter.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Didn't watch the video, but we can't look into the future. We can only speculate. I personally think that sonic is getting a bit old. It's been around for ages. While in my childhood children were talking about mario/sonic/pokemon they now talk about 3d games and god knows what. So unless they advance quickly I find it highly unlikely that it will have a huge comeback.

    It feels kind off like a sequal from some 90's movie. Sometimes they work out, but... usually they fuck it up good. The Original series are in my opinion Always the best.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Nope. Sega has lost track of what made him great. It's now too much about the storyline and characters, and this misguided notion that his speed is absolutely essential to show off in the games. The 16-bit originals did have some fast parts, but they were great because of the exciting, intricate, detailed levels.

    All the new games seem to be basically being throwing forward at ridiculous speed and trying to catch rings and items. That was fun for the bonus level of Sonic 2 but you can't make a whole game based on it (except for Sonic Dash).

    Their attempts to bring him back to the good old days have mostly failed. Sonic 4 was awful and he just felt 'wrong' to control. Generations was okay.

    The best 'Sonic' game you can get right now is Freedom Planet, which does a Sonic game better than Sega could ever hope to.


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What Girls Said 1

  • All I have to say is Sonic Boom.

    I sorta just went the other way after that. It might come back but not holding my breath. Now I'm glad Crash Bandicoot died before they messed that up too.

    • You'd think after Sonic '06 Sega would've learned their lesson -.-

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    • I can live with Knuckles' new design, but THEY DIDN'T HAVE TO MAKE HIM STUPID! Dx

      I know Knuckles was known to be mad gullible and sometimes naive, but he would still be very knowledgeable and would always have a better understanding of the situation than Sonic.

      But in Sonic Boom, they just decided to make him dumb as fuck in general >:(

    • Fucking exactly! They made him so dumb its disrespectful. Thats not his character. They made the show that way to target it at little kids 😒

      I'm cool with his design. He was smarter than Sonic. And could be clever. Its a real shame. -_-

      I also don't care for that raccoon girl... like why her? Use Blaze the Cat or someone cooler xD

What Guys Said 5

  • I don't think it's very likely. At best I think they'll put out some above-average games, but not get to the point they were at. I didn't even like Colors or Generations; the last enjoyable Sonic for me was Rush.

  • Sonic changed a lot since then yes ill still play it but its changed so much it new school kids game now mario awesome i can play that anytime

  • I've never been a Sonic fan, so I don't really care

  • There's just too much competition these days. Sonic is so old school

    • On the contrary, Sonic is more "innovative" than the majority of games and THAT is its big damn problem.

      MARIO is old school because Nintendo's been hashing out the same shit for almost 30 years.

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    • That is true, yes. Ever since the Wii U's release, Nintendo's place in the gaming industry has been declining at a noticeable rate.

  • It was never great.

    • It was in the early 90's during its initial release, Sonic was marketed (as well as accepted) as "cooler and better" than Mario and Sega was at one point at the top of the gaming industry.

      Of course, Sega reign only lasted maybe a year tops before they started going to shit.

    • "(as well as accepted) as "cooler and better" than Mario"

      Having been a gamer since the 80s and not just relying on internet nostalgia, I can tell you that the only people who "accepted" it were the small minority who preferred it to Mario. It was a fine, fun game, but never had the pedigree of Mario and never innovated, nor evolved, the way Mario did between Super Mario 3, Super Mario World, and Super Mario 64.

      And 7 of the 10 best selling games of the 90s were Mario games. Super Mario World sold 21 million copies, while Sonic 1 barely sold 4 million. Nintendo had 14 games in the top 20, Sony had 5 on PS1. Sega had only one. Sonic 2 was 19th of those 20.

      So no, Sega was never on top of the gaming industry.

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