What do you think of this dance/ act? Didn't they kill it? Comments?

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  • I love contemporary dance and this could be just me, it was technically brilliant but I saw zero emotional connection - I always imagine a dance couple especially in contemporary as a love dance - I would give that dance a 9/10 but it didn't have the 10th point , you know the X factor where you really can't recall clearly the dance moves but you remember how you felt because of the dancers' connection/emotions - Hope that makes sense.


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  • Very impressive show of athleticism.

    Not particularly a fan of the music or the outfits. Seemed more like gymnastics rather than dance. But yeah, they're very athletic.

  • Wow... yeah they really killed it! I love the art of dance. I mean the way he just like threw her up in the air & catched her & all those real cool tricks they did was unbelievable. She definitely trusts him to be swinging her around like that. Like When he did a handstand, while she did a hand stand on him was amazing. I really liked their performance & music. Looks like they may have been performing at a fancy party or maybe they were just shooting a music video, not sure though lol but Great video. :) Thanks for sharing. :)


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