Ok, who's watching the new show Scream Queens right now? We officially must discuss Ariane Grandes death scene. Is she the new Cindy or what lmao?


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  • Two more hours before it comes out... she dies?

    • Lol sorry if I ruined it for ya, but just think "Cindy from Scary Movie"... This hoe is DUMB

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    • I kinda figured maybe the girls dad would kill for revenge of his dead wife... But why would he hang with Nick Jonas? Lol

    • I can see it being the dean. She prob wanna kill all the little snobs

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  • I think she was a pretty boring character...
    But I like the series. =)

    It's hilarious.

    • Yea she was dull but her death scene was hilariously dumb

    • It was extremely dumb. Unfortunately, it didn't make me laugh.

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