A random facebook question?

I am back on facebook bur mainly to stay connected with my family that lives far away and a few friends I still like. I'm in college now and long story short I'm not accepting anybody from high school.. I just don't like them lol. But how do I keep myself from popping up on the people you may know thinggy. I'm sick of getting request from people that pretended to like me.. I'm a nice person I swear haha I'm just sick of everyone and theit brother requesting me.


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  • Change your settings so the 'add as friend' button doesn't show, so that only you can invite people to be your friend. It's under privacy settings.

    • Thank you !

    • One thing is though real quick. I looked under those settings and all I see is the place for where it says who can send you request and I put only friends of friends.. is that what you were taking about. Apologize for all the questions.

    • Yeah that's the only option now, just looked. They used to have a button which stopped all friend requests!

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