Movie about loneliness that is not boring?

Smth like book 'Catcher in the rye' or like film 'Following'. It's not neccessary to be its main theme just to has that sad feeling... Any recommendations?


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  • I saw someone mention Primer. That's a very complex movie. If you do end up watching it, don't give up on it. Upstream Color is by the same writer/director. It has a loneliness concept about it. His newest movie is called A Modern Ocean. There's not too much known about it at the moment. He wrote a script for a movie called A Topiary. I didn't read it yet, but heard some summaries of it. It seemed to have some loneliness to it. Here's a link to the script if you want to read it.

    If you liked Following, I recommend Memento and The Prestige. Same writer/director and in my opinion his 2 best. I would say Memento has more of a loneliness theme.

    Jake Gyllenhaal had 2 kind of lonely movies: Enemy and Nightcrawler.

    Some of Paul Thomas Anderson's movies kind of have a loneliness vibe to them: Punch-Drunk Love, The Master.

    I'll just start listing some: Mister Lonely, One Hour Photo, Moon, The Machinist, Into the Wild, Let the Right One In, Oldboy, The Man from Earth, Buried, The Double (2013, not 2011), Son of Rambow, Dead Man, Jeremiah Johnson, Tideland, What Happened Was.

    They might not all fit the loneliness theme; it's been awhile since I've seen some of them. Synecdoche, New York is my favorite movie, so I recommend that to everyone. It has some loneliness theme to it as well.

    Sorry I wrote so much. Hope it helps.

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    • Do you work with movies professionally? Thanks, man :)

    • I went to film school for a little bit, and worked on a few smaller things. That was a few years ago though. I'm trying to write something and hopefully turn it into a movie, but hope is beginning to run low.

      Are you planning on working in the movie industry?

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  • Marty
    Julian Po
    The Sweet Hereafter
    The Sheltering Sky

    • Sounds interesting gotta watch some of these , thanks! :)

    • If you liked Following you'll probably like Primer, although it doesn't fit in with the whole sadness/loneliness theme.

      Night on Earth might though.

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  • Cast Away
    Bridget Jones Diary
    Forrest Gump


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