Ever noticed how women are usually pricks on TV shows that are aimed at male audiences?

Here's my list of hated female protagonists, from most to least hated.

Debra (Dexter) - Over-emotional, fails at being deep, bossy, needy.
Sara (Prison Break) - Over-emotional, fails at being deep.
Lori (Walking Dead) - Over-emotional, bossy, bad parent (always loses Carl), forcefully traditional.
Skyler (Breaking Bad) - Over-emotional, Manipulitive, Passive-Aggressive, Childish (at times), Sneaky.

I actually understand why Skyler acts needy and annoying so I don't blame her. Still there is some annoying traits.

You want to add to the list? Or do you disagree with some of my choices?
Have you also noticed how women are usually dicks on TV? Have you not?


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  • It's so men can laugh and be like "Lol bitches amiright"


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  • Not really. Because shows have bad and good female and male characters. In real life there are different personalities. They can't all be nice, likeable, and fair. It would be boring and sending the wrong message to people who think women and men all act one way.

    I notice the personalities but I understand it.

    • I'm just saying that I've personally noticed that women usually act a certain way in TV shows. Almost always over-emotional, and maybe passive-aggressive. All the female characters don't have to be nice, likeable or fair but they are usually "stereotypical hysterical bitch wife" material, is what I'm meaning.

    • Ohh! Those are all wives? The only one ik is Lori. :/ maybe Freya is right then.

  • lol I agree with Lori and Debra, I was actually happy when they both died honestly, they ruined those shows for me, couldn't stand Skyler either.

    Sons of Anarchy also turned into The Real Housewives eventually with all of those bitchy, emotional female characters.

    It's something i've always noticed with TV shows, they make a lot of women extremely bitchy, entitled and really unlikable.

    I actually enjoy how Game of Thrones made their female characters, at least some of them are likable for once lol

    • I liked the GoT women too. When they weren't portrayed as gossipy, sneaky and manipulative (Then again, so were the guys), they were just total badasses.

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  • Well for 3/4 of those examples, the male protagonist is a criminal who keeps fucking up their life so I can understand why they aren't always so great. Lori just sucks.


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