A tremolo piece for her. What do you think?

I just came up with a classical tremolo piece 4 hours ago. Please tell me what you think.
I almost forgot to include a link to the song.

I did a little rework on this piece.



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  • It's really nice. And it's kinda got a sad vibe to it (?), so it might make her cry. Well, at least, if a guy I liked played that to me, I'll cry.

    But are the first three phrases before the climaxing portion a little repetitive? (forgive my musical terms, I ditched them ever since I decided I didn't want to pursue a diploma)

    But overall, it's a really well-written piece! I loved it :) even though I have close to zero experience in tremolo music.

    • I appreciate the feedback very much. It is a little repetitive at first I agree. I have only a few months of music theory and I am self-taught. This song is more like a work in progress so I do plan on making changes and additions to it as I continue to experiment with it. But thank you for feedback on the first three phases (I barely know musical terms so I'll follow your lead lol).

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  • It is good but as the other answer said a bit repetitive but that will come with time and practice when you can include more moods on your pieces.

    • Thanks, I have made some changes already and added a few different sections. A work in progress.

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  • It's really good. Sounds like background music for a mob movie


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