Is this music video insulting, It's about the joys of being a white male or does it just music?

Granted he isn't calling anyone bitch, N***R so... seems pretty pg13.

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  • I'm quoting the song and stating my thoughts

    "I ain't gotta worry where the cops at" (to me he's joking how great it is that he won't get killed by cops like Black people are because he's white)

    "I ain't black or Dominican, not Hispanic or Indian. So imprisonment is not a predicament, I envision" (Amusing all those people go to jail. Plus admitted to be given special treatment because he's white. also knowing he'll have future because again, he's white)

    "Happy that my name ain't stupid" (assuming other races have 'stupid' names. Thinking he's better)

    "but relieved I ain't a chick yo. I never wake up and have to cake on ma make up
    Or straighten hair, I ain't given a damn" (not racist but stupid statement, he's assuming all girls wear makeup

    That's all I'm getting. I'm sure there's more but I generally don't like the song. Rape isn't my thing and the song doesn't sound good (to me)


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  • Seem pretty racist to me but it might be satire on stereotypical racism sometimes it is hard to tell. I looked at his wiki and yes he is a comedian.


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  • It was more funny than racist I think.


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