Who cannot wait until season four of Vikings?

this is massive spoilers, but these are clips from season three (my favourites):


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  • Athelstan :( :( :(

    • I was expecting that, tbh, since he was a very important character. I thought Ragnar was gonna intervene, but he didn't. Now Floki is gonna pay for that in the new season, though he kinda paid for it when in Paris though.
      by the way, Ragnar and Lagertha gotta get back together, I don't know what's taking them so long xD

    • I try to learn not to get too attached to important characters anymore. My favourite book series (not complete yet!) literally tells you in the first chapter or so that this guy is going to die and I still refuse to believe it :( But Athelstan is my baby and I love the actor too (he's a really sweet guy), and you're right about Ragnar and Lagertha!

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  • I can't wait! Dude, that show became my favorite on the first season, and since then it's been awesome.
    My favorite episode is Blood Eagle, that last scene was amazing. I can't wait for the next season, the trailer looked amazing!

    • cool story bro... but then loolol... i say what the fuck i want... not your business to say otherwise... asperger's.

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    • haha... cos i say what the fuc what i want... i'm highly aused you you get offended because of some persoal belief you have... haha... retard..

    • WTF is going on? xD I don't understand why I'm being insulted after what I said xD

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  • We are only at episode 4 of season 3 here so I won't watch videos just yet - Very enjoyable series though.


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