What do you think of the Paper Towns movie?

I'm sure a lot of you have heared about John Green and his books, he is a YouTuber and runs a channel called the VlogBrothers with his brother Hank, but i just love John... he is a genius and understands things most of us never... but he writes these books to help us understand... and i can't thank him enough, the book of Paper Towns is amazing but it never really sunk in what it all meant until i saw the movie, until i saw it in moving pictures and it finally did sink in and it's just fantastic! :D it's exactly like the book and they couldn't of chosen better actors for the parts, they didn't let us down ever, The Fault In Our Stars is a good movie too but Paper Towns is even better :D.

At first it's a bit boring but then when it kicks off it's like wow... and it really is spot on.. . everything is so so true... i've said these things my entire life and i've been in Margo's position my entire life, i too HATE with a passion peoples ignorance and how they constantly make assumptions about you and others and spread lies and assumptions and they full well know they are doing it... and they do it to alienate you and push everyone around you away from you... and they pretend they know themselves when they don't... because of so many factors... especially peer-pressures of our society, plus peoples parents don't teach them what it's like to properly live or focus on what's truly important, they teach them that your job and school comes first and shoud mean more than your friends and family... and it's sad... but it really put things into perspective :) I LOVE IT!.


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  • I really didn't like the movie


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