Why do people tell everyone things I'm not good at?

This is the most recurring thing for me in the 9th grade. People who I were my friend just tell other people that I don't like that I'm bad at a lot of things. Like my former redneck friend will tell everyone how bad my haircut is and saying that I got it from Walmart. Then, he would tell them that I'm weak and can't even hit him like if I was in football. I actually hit him and make him almost fall over, but he managed to push me faraway. But, I wasn't holding my ground like he was. I told people that I used to be a former point guard then they told everyone. And said that's there is no way I was one because I'm terrible at playing basketball. So, my best friend is going to tell the boys who never stop bullying me. Then, they said that I'm fat, I can't dribble right, I'm kinda good at defense, I can't shoot at all, and I mess up a lot that it's just funny to watch. They talk about that everyday because I have a class with them. They would not stop talking about, they were already saying I have a Ninja Turtle head and a Box like shape head. It seems like that I'm not good at anything. My best friend was exaggerating the whole thing because I can shot, but not all the time. And they would tell me to tell the story again, so, they can judge and laugh of how embarassing it was. It's like they can't accept the facts that I was one because they play basketball. This been going on for a year now. They will not let it die already because it's pissing me off, I'm holding off on all my anger. I fucking hate everything at my school because it's always someone feeding off my success and saying that I wasn't good at doing it.


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  • You need some new friends dude :( . I can definitely relate to hating everything at school, a lot of people are total dicks at that age tbh :/ . It isn't your fault, they're just picking on you to show off to one another + make themselves feel good. Please never feel like you aren't good enough <3 . Venting on here is good, it's a helpful way to deal with the anger I think. Hang in there, you don't deserve to be treated so cruelly by these little shits. *Hugs*

    • Thanks. But, there are more girls than guys at my school. And my more truest guy friends are in different classes.

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    • I have literally no idea what 'thotties' means.. But they can't all be so bad

    • They get annoying really quick.

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