Black Veil Brides or My Chemical Romance?

Having a debate with my sister, she's an MCR fan, I'm a BVB fan. Which band is better?

  • Black Veil Brides
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  • My Chemical Romance
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  • Haven't heard either
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  • Both suck
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  • Like both equally
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Why don't you guys like BVB though? Opinions are appreciated


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  • I just started getting more into pop punk/emo
    and My Chemical Romance isn't that bad.
    I hate Black Veil Brides.


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  • hoping option d will win, but it probably won't. so then i'm hoping both bands end up in some catastrophic (LOL) plane crash but it probably won't happen. you kids are stuck with bad music shoved down your throat.

  • Only heard of My Chemical Romance so voted for them.

  • I don't like their music because their "screams" suck ass and sounds like a cat is getting murdered and their fan base is filled with such whiny bitches but it's cool if you enjoy that stuff it's not going to be ruining my day

    • Actually BVB isn't "screaming", though that's what i thought too before i started actually listening to it. I guess MCR isn't really either, though i don't really like their music. I'm guessing the fan base thing is more of MCR, as the BVB fandom is pretty neutral as far as i can tell... But, to each their own i guess

  • Welcone to the Black Parade


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