Does the music you listen to reveal your personality?

I think in my case it definitely does:
Know the things that really matter to you,
forgive people and give them new chances,
turn around before it's too late,
take care of the things you are fond of,
reconsider your own mistakes and apologize,
cherish the people who like you and don't take them for granted

What about you, what do you think?
Maybe share 1 example and explain a bit


Most Helpful Girl

  • Yes, most definitely.
    -I like a fair amount of pop music you'd hear on the radio. Shows that I'm like anyone else, am not a music snob, and don't pretend to be non-conformist.
    -I like classical waltz music and symphonies. It shows I like music that sounds magical and have an enchanted personality... I usually use it as background study music to feel calm and stimulate better thinking and memory.
    -I like Disney and Nickelodeon music both classic and from current TV, it shows I embrace my inner childhood, love and understand children, and prefer clean music.
    -I love boybands, it reveals my inner tween girl never left since the Backstreet Boys days, that I am bubbly and energetic, and that I like the everyday boy next door kinda guy.
    -I like a number of Bollywood songs, shows that though I'm not super culturally brown (though ethnically I am), I do enjoy the tunes.
    -I like often like soundtrack music, shows that hearing a song while watching a movie scene suddenly makes the song sound better to me.
    -Though I am notorious for jumbling up song lyrics and not properly paying attention to them 90% of the time, my favorite songs by known musical artists tend to be their most reflective tracks... such as Photograph by Ed Sheeran and I Lived by OneRepublic... shows I am a deep thinker and dreamer. Also, I especially love inspirational messaged or medically related music.

    • I like music with meaningful lyrics, I rarely listen to rap but Eminem makes me reflect on myself like no other artist

    • I am with you there. I'm not into most pure rap either though some rap in between pop sounds nice... but Eminem, I've liked a number of his songs and words. Maybe other rap is just as good, I've just never given the genre much of a chance and only know ones presented to me on the radio. What about Eminem's music speaks to you? Are any of his life experiences similar to yours or do you like hearing the stories he tells in his music or something else?

    • Oh yes, I can relate to the content on one hand, and the lyrics do mirror things I have experienced myself and they help me deal with things I cannot change, because they are just in the past. I don't think about the past, but I look at it like you look through a window in a shopping mall.

      Eminem's music kind of speaks about how I feel in many situations. "When I'm gone", reminds me of how I forgive people who made mistakes with me and how I give them new chances and that there is happiness in the end.

      The stories also make me feel emotions I like to feel

Most Helpful Guy

  • A little

    Pretty much my whole life or at least since I was like 7, I've been and still am "religious confused" Like I believe in God but Christianity, Islam, etc. I don't know
    Hopsin - ILL MIND OF HOPSIN 7 Almost perfectly tells exactly how I feel and talks about the questions I have. I haven't completely lost faith like he has though but I'm on the fence I guess

    Kinda how I see the world except I'm not having a kid. Straight up misunderstood underdog with a positive outlook though going about his own rejecting society's individuality killing ways


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What Girls Said 5

  • I think it certainly shows a lot about you. However, I think beyond the song choices, the diversity in a person's music taste can be telling about them. For example, I like many different types of music:
    Top Hits
    My diversity in music taste should tell you that I probably am a musical person to be able to appreciate all those different styles, but also that I am well versed and open to styles of music.

  • Oh, the music someone listens to can reveal a lot about him or her. I'm no different. I think what listening to reveals more about my current mood at the time. Overall, the music I have on my iPod shows that I have an eclectic, varied taste when it comes to music. I'm open-minded and enjoy a lot of different genres. I would love to post just one song, but there are too many I love to choose from.

  • I don't know that's hard. I love listening to fast beat songs only. Don't know what that says about me

  • Eclectic, diverse, depressed and sometimes I'll fight a bitch or pop a cap in their ass.

  • hmm that's a good one. ill say partially.


What Guys Said 11

  • Definitely.

    That's why we sing for these kids, who don't have a thing
    Except for a dream, and a fuckin' rap magazine
    Who post pin-up pictures on their walls all day long
    Idolize they favorite rappers and know all they songs
    Or for anyone who's ever been through shit in their lives
    Till they sit and they cry at night wishin' they'd die

  • That would be a strange one for me because I listen to a total mish mash of music from jazz/classical/blues on the radio to EDM on MTV

    • The music I listen to is often on the dark and deep emotional side..

  • meh.

    I think song choices represent mood than personality.

    It's more your fav songs. I listen to all genres, but my fav songs are composed a certain way that talks to me personally.

    • True, "When I'm gone" just reflects my current mood the best

  • Not really, I listen to so many different things
    lyrics can be totally different
    It just says that I'm openminded towards music

  • Hmm, well I listen to almost all genres except for metal.

  • As the holiday's draw near I enjoy listening to some seasonal music... reveals a lot

    In reality
    or better yet..

  • It says a LOT about a person.

    • Your taste in music can say good things about you, like how @EmpatheticLady stated, but it can also say bad things.

      If you're an adult, especially a man, and you listen almost entirely to teenage girl music (Justin Bieber, One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer, etc.), you'll most likely be seen as immature and/or emotionally-stunted. If you listen to nothing but rap (and not even the good kind of rap, but shit like Chief Keef or Lil' Wayne), you'll very likely be labelled as a misogynistic and uneducated hoodlum. If you listen to nothing but country music, you'll be labelled as a hick. If you listen to nothing but classical music, you'll likely be labelled as a pretentious hipster.

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    • True enough. I was looking at the glass as half full. Thanks for viewing it from the other side, haha. ;P

    • @EmpatheticLady You're quite welcome ;P lol

  • I would say for me that could be the case.

  • No, but the music I play does.

  • it says nothing about me.

  • Listening to back dat ass up


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