Who is your favorite unknown music artist?

Hey Girls and Guys!,

My absolute favorite artist is not very known but to me a lot better then the mainstream artists out there. His name is Beardyman and he has a live show where he improvises whatever the audiance suggests. Here are some examples:

Coherence (Live improv with other artists)

His latest liveshow :

Some of these artists are just so creative immogen heap for example invented her own gloves so she could play music on the air.

So who is your personal favorite and why?


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  • My top 3 favorite "lesser known artists" are...
    Hot Water Music. Genre: Rock
    They aren't completely obscure, but they definitely aren't too popular. I've seen them live before and they were great.

    "Drag My Body"

    Glassjaw. Genre: Post hardcore, hard rock, maybe some metal vibes too
    They also have some of a fanbase like Hot Water Music, but they don't have many. They have really quite a unique style I think. They are friggin amazing live too-- like the whole crowd goes crazy when they start up.

    "Mu Empire"

    Rival Schools. Genre: Rock with punk influence, but maybe a little more chill
    I actually don't know much about this band but learned about them from a fellow GAGer who posted the album one time on here. They are pretty obscure as far as I can tell.

    Their album: United by Fate


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  • I don't listen to the radio but have never heard about BANKS. The only way I found her was when I shazaamed a song while at H&M. I love her, a bit reminiscent of Lana Del Rey but more upbeat, not nearly as depressing.

  • I don't know if he's known well in the US (probably is well known in Japan) but Shing02


    Kinda have to go look up the lyrics but it's poetic. I love this as an alternative to the bitches and hoes kind of hip hop and rap that's so prevalent now. And Nujabes (god rest his soul) always spun like, the BEST beats.

  • Right now Bear's Den. It might be a little more popular in the US though but here it isn't. I'm going to a concert next week.

    • Given he has concerts he is not that unknown :P
      But yes i never heard of him on the radio here, this does sound like the type of music some radio stations would be very willing to play.
      Perhaps you should suggest it to them!

  • I like Yeshiva Boy's Choir but don't speak Hebrew very well and don't understand a lot of their lyrics.

  • State champs, moose blood, broadside, and have mercy are the ones that come to the top of my head. I believe they'll make it later though


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