Do you watch horror movies like Scream the way I watched horror movies from the ’70s like “LOL this isn’t scary”?


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  • yeah i guess. i've never been scared by any horror movie and i've seen a lot of them. many of them are quite funny actually.

    • the best horror movies to me are the ones with the least amount of blood usually. a lot of them from the 70's are like that. the original chainsaw massacre from '74 is great because it was more of a study of American society at that point in time. you could turn on the tv back then and see more blood and brutality on the news, when the vietnam war was going.

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  • With horror movies I was never scared by slasher/monster stuff but the possession stuff freaks me out. I think logically that the slasher/monster stuff couldn't happen but the possession stuff I am not so sure about, part of me goes maybe that could happen.


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