What do you think of this poem I've written?

The Poem is called When i feel Lost.

When i feel lost i pick up my diary and i write down all my troubles. I complain to the lord about all my struggles in hope for him to give me the unknown awnsers.
I ask him to forgive me so that i can feel shamless for the things that i have done, for the way i have behaved, for the unkind words that i have spoken.

When i feel lost i ask for the lord to help me find a path, a path that will suit me for my best interest, not a path that he wantes me to go or to find. I ask him to make things go my way when i dont deserve it, when i havnt worked enough for it.

When i feel lost i always know that he is there to listen, about my family and how annoying they can be, about how difficult school is, about the man that i am falling for.

When i feel lost i always know that the lord is there to listen, to love, to protect and to forgive and to always remind me that with him by my side i am never lost.


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  • this is beautiful <3 a lovely reminder to keep God close. thanks for sharing.


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  • It is cool.


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