What is the saddest movie scene you have ever seen?

For me, it's this one here. (Our Mothers, our Fathers (Generation War - in English). This mini series is the German equivalent of Band of Brothers. Friedhelm notices how desperate the sitaution is and also doesn't want to live with what the war has made of him. I could identify a lot with this character, because I wouldn't have acted any different if I had been there around 75 years ago...


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  • for me it's from that movie Hardball with Keanu Reeves (I know that sounds absurd). the movie is about him going to an inner city and coaching a youth baseball team. after a practice (or game) the kids are going home. this little tiny kid is about to enter his housing project and gets caught in the crossfire of some gang members. Never cried at a movie but my friend and I watched it and both of us were teary eyed

    • I cried too when I watched the scene I mentioned, because this is how I would have ended things for me if I had been there back then... This would have been my end..

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