Whats a good movie to watch? I like movies where people are trapped in a place or situation?


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  • Any George Romero zombie movie.
    The Ruins
    The People Under the Stairs
    Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight

    • I am watching The People Under the Stairs and so far its really good. I already seen cube which i loved very much and I looking foward to watch the other film you suggest. Thanks, you made my day

    • Glad to hear. I'm a fellow movie lover.

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  • Snow piercer on Netflix

    • It's a futuristic kind of movie where the world is in an ice age and the last people on earth are on a mega train that hasn't stopped running, that circles the globe.
      The poor people are in the back of the train and when they are tired of living off slop they force their way through all the cars to the front of the train where the "president" person is to over throw the train, with crazy stuff happening every few cars.

    • I know I seen it! I am a movie lover.

  • Trapped in a place? Maze Runner.


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