Which of AMC's two best TV series do you prefer more, Breaking Bad or The Walking Dead?

I honesty prefer Breaking Bad because despite that they're not as action-oriented as The Walking Dead, all of their seasons actually have a very well-written story behind along with having better antagonists. Plus, all of the deaths of the characters in Breaking Bad actually meant something a little more important compared to The Walking Dead (not saying that they don't have any important deaths but the message behind their deaths don't feel as powerful as the ones in Breaking Bad).

As for the storylines, I think Breaking Bad has one of the best written storylines in television history. The Walking Dead's story was alright but currently not heading into the right direction. It seems as though the creator of the show just plans on milking the TV show out with more pointless seasons and episodes along with more pointless and inconsistent characters just to make more money, basically making the show trying to last longer than it should. They've already ran out of antagonists so I don't see why The Walking Dead still needs to go on at this point. Don't get me wrong, I think The Walking Dead is a good show and everything but again, the show itself is going long longer than it needs to be.

Which of AMC's two best TV series do you prefer more, Breaking Bad or The Walking Dead?

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  • They're both amazing but Breaking Bad is better by a small margin


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  • TWD is good, but everyone knows BB is better by quite a bit. :P

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