I need to get better at CoD, can someone please give me advice?

All my friends are better than me at CoD. I know the maps in and out, the best weapons, even how to get the drop on my enemy, but I almost always die. I can barely hit anything past 5-8 yards and usally just endup giving away my position. I mostly play private matches with friends. Any advice? (I mostly play Blops2 and Ghosts)

Also, does anyone else have the same problem?


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  • I'm a hardcore FPS player dude, one shall help a brother out.

    Some tips: of your game has slight of hand, use it. It allows you to reload and aim down sights faster.

    Always pick guns which are balanced. (Damage usually conpensates for accuracy or vice versa)

    Keep playing, practise really does make perfect.

    Throw your flash/stun grenades into rooms or tight areas before you make your move, if they're dazed; you're more likely to kill them.

    Don't play too aggressive, or you'll be picked off easier.

    UAV is your best friend.

    Before you go through doors watch out for claymores and trip mines.

    Finally, don't give up. Everyone sucks when they first start, only time will give you experience and make you better. Good luck!


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  • I used to coach my friend and he got better at CoD a lot. Here's some tips:
    1. Learn the gun: SMGs need no ADS, Snipers needs to be shot from far away or use quick scoping. With a shotgun, run up to everyone, but never run in the open, learn to be a corner man.
    2. Learn the map: you'll have no time to look at the map, so learn it well.
    3. If you are being rushed, camp and vise versa: I don't care what other players say, this is a "realistic" shooter, so sometimes, camping is the best option, but don't stay too long.
    4. have wired connection: wireless connection as latency that just kills me.

    • 2 con't. Learn the gun: it also means, know the specifics of your gun. You can't snipe with an AK (), nor is going in guns blazing with an M-16.

      5. Stay low and stick to cover: I learned that from a Army veteran, which has helped me tremendously.

  • get fast internet


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