Is it me or is today's generation of video gaming just going backwards?

Let's see. First, game developers and publishers nowadays have gotten so greedy, impatient and lazy for money that they now decide to give us unfinished games (fucking up such great game franchise like Halo with Halo 5 already and plenty of others) and shove over-priced DLCs (that are cut out of the main game) down our throats, and now they rarely ever make any good Splitscreen multiplayer games (at least for the Xbox One and PS4), it's like, what's the fucking point of both the PS4 and Xbox One having the abilities to connect to more than one controller if they either never offer us any good 3rd party splitscreen games (or even good exclusive games with splitscreen) or just gives us a few cheap shitty indie games that offer splitscreen.

It seems to me that the only game console of today's generation that seems to be almost getting it right is the Wii U (despite the hate that it's getting from people), which I honestly think has potential to have sold more units than it actually sold had Nintendo marketed the console better and have a larger game library for them. Unfortunately, Nintendo has apparently already gave up on the Wii U and are now working on their next home console called the Nintendo NX, thus making me lose my faith in this generation of video gaming.
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  • I jumped on the Wii U bandwagon early. Nintendo seems to keep pumping out quality games. The market has rejected the Wii U in favor of Sony/Microsoft but I'm not sure why. It's a fantastic console that has provided me with countless hours of fun (same with the 3DS). Sure the graphics aren't quite up to the same standards, but what good are graphics when all you have are the same crappy RPG/FPS titles? Nintendo's games are polished and extremely addictive. How can you not have a blast with Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart 8, Mario Party, Splatoon, Pikmin 3, Bayonetta 2, Super Mario Maker, Legend of Zelda Wind Waker, etc? ZombiU was an underrated title, so was The Wonderful 101. Right now I'm loving Resident Evil Revelations. The library is smaller but there are more than enough quality games to justify the purchase. Star Fox Zero and Xenoblade Chronicles X are on the horizon, and of course the new open world Zelda. Nintendo still equals fun. I don't give a rats ass about sales figures or processor speeds.

    • I like the Nintendo games but I can't bring myself to buy one. If I had the money I would though.

    • The NX will be interesting if the rumors are true. If it's a home console/ handheld hybrid with a superior processor to the PS4/Xbox and has x86 architecture, so all the 3rd party releases can be ported over as easily as the other 2 consoles, PLUS Nintendo's own library. They might have something there. I'm excited.

Most Helpful Guy

  • It's not just you, man. AAA gaming companies are ruining the industry with their greed and incompetence. Especially the top companies like EA, Ubisoft, and Activision. And you know what's the biggest contributor to the shit quality games we keep getting? Fucking pre-ordering.

    People are so blindly dedicated to these companies that they are willing to pre-order their games. And so many people pre-order the games that the companies are able to make most (if not all) of their money back before the game even comes out and those same people realize that the companies jerked off and realized half-assed, unfinished games. Take "Assassin's Creed: Unity", "Destiny", "Batman: Arkham Knight", and "Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric" for example.

    Unity was so fucked up the ass with glitches and errors that Ubisoft had to release a day ONE patch to try and fix the game, and it took WEEKS for the game to be mostly playable for everyone. SO. FUCKING. LAZY of Ubisoft to do that bullshit, that's what they get for annualizing the franchise instead of taking their fucking time to actually finish the game, like they did with Assassin's Creed II (they spent 2 years after the release of Assassin's Creed on that game).

    Destiny. Fucking "Destiny". If there is one thing I can give credit to Activision, is that they know how to market the shit out of any game. They overhyped Destiny and fooled so many people into thinking that Destiny was going to "change gaming forever", that it was going to set the new standard for FPS games and even MMOs. Then it came out and people realized how mediocre to AVERAGE at BEST the game was. Of course they were too late to realize it because not only did Activision and Bungie make their money back in the first week (all 500 MILLION dollars), they set the record for the biggest new franchise launch of all time.

    "Batman: Arkham Knight" is another example of company laziness. The game didn't ruin the franchise or anything, it's still a great game although it was a big disappointment since you spend almost half the game using the fucking Battank (that's right, it's a fucking BatTANK, not a BatMOBILE) as it becomes a chore. Besides the BatTANK, it's still an awesome game... on consoles. I'm pretty sure the PC port is STILL not available on Steam (correct me if I'm wrong).

    And I don't even need to reiterate about Sonic fucking Boom.

    If these companies don't get their shit together, they're going to create the second big video game industry crash.

    • Yeah. I honestly didn't mind that the Arkham Knight was Jason Todd/Red Hood in the new Batman Arkham game (since they've made it very painfully obvious with the Arkham Knight's whiny personality). However, the REALLY big disappoinment of the game were the lack of epic boss fights. I expected the boss fight with Arkham Night/Jason Todd to be an actual fist fight like in the Batman: Under the Red Hood movie but it's far from that.

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    • I think the only reason why Origins received a lot of hate was because of how inaccurately they portrayed Deathstroke/Slade in the game (at least with his fighting style).

    • I'm pretty sure the reason why they only had Deathstroke use a bo staff is because they wanted to keep the game rated T. Had Deathstroke appeared in Arkham Knight, which was rated M (which I still don't get), I'm sure they would've had Deathstroke use his guns and sword too.

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  • I asked the boyfriend what he thought (he's more articulate than I am, though I might potentially disagree with him), so he's going to write from here on (and I apologise on his behalf if he's an asshole):

    Congratulations, you have sucessfully noticed the same things that everyone in the industry has known about for years. I mean really, there are series dedicated to calling this shit out when it happens. Also, nobody knows what the fuck the NX is, it's undisclosed. It could be anything.

    • He so articulate and has such a way with words :p lol

    • @ihatethiswebsite He made an account on here for himself now so at least I don't have to apologise for his lovely manner of speaking anymore :P

  • I have notice this problem too, I usually play rpgs, most rpgs today you can beat in day, instead of a few weeks, I miss the challenge and as soon as I feel I get a handle of the game, I'm at the final boss, even strategic games that are turn base game are shorter too (example final fantasy tactics, you can't beat in a day, but the disgaea games you can beat the man story in a day), with all the DLC for FPS, like borderlands games you might as well wait for the next game to come out to get the previous game so you can get all the DLC with the game for cheaper (example borderlands handsome collection) these games are fun, but I feel the DLC missing parts of the game and no one wants part of a game, I want one full game, you think they would have learned by now with more people waiting to buy games


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  • I agree. If Fallout 4 turns out to be broken, then that will be the last game I purchase from Bethesda.
    We all shell out billions of hard earned cash. The least they can do is give us our $60.00 worth.

  • You are right, some older games, back in the 90s were much better than most of the new games...

  • That's why I only play very few games and most are handhelds like the vita. Modern gaming sucks.

  • I totally agree. It isn't just video games, but all media. TV has gotten lazy as most movies. Companies that used to make epic games now don't even bother, Bioware, used to make amazing dragon age games, the last one was so boring and frustrating I had to stop 20h in. I think it comes from corporate cost cutting. You made an amazing game in 3 years? Ok, we are going to lay off half of your staff and give you a deadline of 2 years for the next installment. The only way to stop this is to not buy games until they start making them better.


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